A timeline of places where my work has appeared:


UK Telegraph

Photo Gallery http://www.news.com.au/travel/news/aussie-artist-tigtabs-spectacular-light-art-creations/story-e6frfq80-1225906320309

DIY Photography
Use Light Stencils to Create Amazing Light Paintings http://diyphotography.net/use-light-stencils-to-create-amazing-light-paintings

City of Melbourne’s New Years Eve Projections 2010
“The new projections program in the city provided another highlight with the walls of Hamer Hall, Federation Square and the IOOF building used as canvases for custom animations, highlights of 2010, and of course the countdown to the midnight fireworks display. This year a diverse range of content was included in the projections program.
… The Melbourne artist known as Tigtab shared a selection of her highly creative photographs she calls ‘light paintings’.”


Interviewed as Bright Talent Artist


Urban Scrawl Exhibition
Through street art, words, photography and light painting, urban artists Kaff-eine, Tigtab, Blacklodge and Precious Little lead the expedition into the clandestine corners of Melbourne, from the painted laneways to the subterranean catacombs, snaking like a circulatory system under the city’s skin. Urban Scrawl is where identity and ephemera intersect.City Library Date: Monday 16 – Sunday 29 January Time: 9am-5pm Price: Free


Digital SLR Magazine – January 2013 Edition
How to Master – Painting with Light
Page 67
Digital SLR Photography Magazine January 2013 Edition


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