Mt Gambier

It’s been a busy few months.  Blacklodge and I have returned from travelling, which included a trip to Mt Gambier in South Australia, to teach light painting to some interested members of the indigenous community through Pangula Mannamurna and iDreamingTV.

Mt Gambier is such a beautiful town, built on the slopes of a volcano.  Known as the Limestone Coast the area is filled with forestry, caves, sinkholes, gardens, an amazing Blue Lake, and is a mecca for underwater cave divers, who enjoy the vast network of fresh water caves beneath the city and surrounding area.

We had an eager group, who were filled with ideas that they wanted to achieve, and keen to wave some lights 🙂

It was great seeing light painting through the eyes of people who were new to the art form, and we covered alot of ground over a few days.  Whilst the weather didn’t play ball, we did get out two of the nights to take photos.

We met some amazing people, and hopefully we have inspired them to get out and continue waving lights around.

Thanks to Karen, David, Narelle, Douggie, Tyson, Emily, Amali, Gemma, Hayley, Lana, Chrissy and Ken who made our stay so memorable.

You have a great opportunity to tell the local stories, and showcase the wonderful scenery in Mt Gambier. I look forward to seeing where you all now take this art form.

Have a look at some of the great achievements from the group:

“It took six of us to photograph, and complete the light effects with a range of light painting tools and techniques which was exciting and mind blowing. I recently crashed my car and wanted to get a spectacular photo after the expensive repairs. TigTab encouraged and supported and guided the light painting, we would not have been able to think of the idea or do this without her help, and also Blacklodge for his encouragement and taking the photo. It was a wicked evening and end to a deadly day, especially after such a descriptive presentation. I also want to acknowledge iDreamingTV for facilitating the workshops and guest artists.”

“This took three people and me as the model. It was awesome fun, I’m really glad we did it. Thank you to Tigtab and Blacklodge for showing us how to do these light paintings and also to iDreamingTV for arranging for their visit.





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