Through Dark Waters

Using a similar principle to multi layered `spray’ stencils, I have been working on a way to translate this into a multi layered `light’ stencil.

How did I do this, you say? Well, it went something like this:

I’m lucky to have a pond in my back yard, so I took a heap of photos of the fish swimming around (so that I could get the right pose). Here is the photo that I used (I’m sure that you can spot the little fish that became a stencil)
The Fish

I then went into photoshop to create a black and white version of the photo, and changed the levels so that I could clearly see the light differences. From there I hand drew and cut each layer. Where the image is lighter, less layers of paper are used, and where it is darker, there are more.
Fish Light Stencil

Here are the final layers of cut paper
IMG_9713 small

The layers aligned with light behind
IMG_9717 small

From there each layer was painstakingly glued together, so that they wouldn’t shift in any way, and then used as a light stencil.

How to create a light stencil can be found here

Through Dark Waters
Through Dark Waters


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