Choose Your Own Adventure

For this entry I thought that I would share my process of making the paper boats.

To start, I (re)learnt how to fold a paper boat. The folded boats then became the guides for me to draw my design from. I already had a rough idea for the overall composed shot, in that I wanted to put them in a natural setting, and knew that I would be shooting them from a higher perspective; and so chose an angle which would accommodate that. The design was then cut into heavy card and sprayed black, so that the light couldn’t catch any part of the outside of the stencil while producing the final shot.

I chose the maps as they represent friendship, travel and adventure, and are places that connect with me personally. It took weeks of hunting to find maps that I could use to make into light stencils, and I can tell you it was difficult to make that first cut into such lovely maps when the time came.

Lastly came the location. As mentioned above, I knew that I wanted a natural setting, and that it was just a matter of time until that setting would present itself. It was something that we came upon by chance, and as soon as I saw it I knew that I had to return for this shot.

I wont go into the step by steps on making a light stencil, but I have them here if you would like to find out more:

Some detail shots of the stencils:
Paper Boat - Ireland
Paper Boat - New Zealand

We all have the power to choose our own adventure 🙂

Choose Your Own Adventure


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