Resin Ornaments

One of the things that I have been doing in the leadup to Christmas was making some hanging resin ornaments.

I am really in awe of the different effects and depth that you can achieve with resin.

While these were quite fiddly and time consuming to perfect, I have been happy with the end result.



Resin Ornament//
Resin Ornament//
Resin Christmas Ornaments//


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Full Tutorial on how these were made can be found here:

If you give it a go, I would love to see your end results.  Please post some of your creations in the comments.


Back into Sharing

Hi Everyone!

I took a break from light painting a few years back due to some health issues, but I certainly haven’t been sitting still.

I will post some new content shortly around block printing, as well as the resin work that I have been doing.

Watch this space :o)

Mt Gambier

It’s been a busy few months.  Blacklodge and I have returned from travelling, which included a trip to Mt Gambier in South Australia, to teach light painting to some interested members of the indigenous community through Pangula Mannamurna and iDreamingTV.

Mt Gambier is such a beautiful town, built on the slopes of a volcano.  Known as the Limestone Coast the area is filled with forestry, caves, sinkholes, gardens, an amazing Blue Lake, and is a mecca for underwater cave divers, who enjoy the vast network of fresh water caves beneath the city and surrounding area.

We had an eager group, who were filled with ideas that they wanted to achieve, and keen to wave some lights 🙂

It was great seeing light painting through the eyes of people who were new to the art form, and we covered alot of ground over a few days.  Whilst the weather didn’t play ball, we did get out two of the nights to take photos.

We met some amazing people, and hopefully we have inspired them to get out and continue waving lights around.

Thanks to Karen, David, Narelle, Douggie, Tyson, Emily, Amali, Gemma, Hayley, Lana, Chrissy and Ken who made our stay so memorable.

You have a great opportunity to tell the local stories, and showcase the wonderful scenery in Mt Gambier. I look forward to seeing where you all now take this art form.

Have a look at some of the great achievements from the group:

“It took six of us to photograph, and complete the light effects with a range of light painting tools and techniques which was exciting and mind blowing. I recently crashed my car and wanted to get a spectacular photo after the expensive repairs. TigTab encouraged and supported and guided the light painting, we would not have been able to think of the idea or do this without her help, and also Blacklodge for his encouragement and taking the photo. It was a wicked evening and end to a deadly day, especially after such a descriptive presentation. I also want to acknowledge iDreamingTV for facilitating the workshops and guest artists.”

“This took three people and me as the model. It was awesome fun, I’m really glad we did it. Thank you to Tigtab and Blacklodge for showing us how to do these light paintings and also to iDreamingTV for arranging for their visit.




Through Dark Waters

Using a similar principle to multi layered `spray’ stencils, I have been working on a way to translate this into a multi layered `light’ stencil.

How did I do this, you say? Well, it went something like this:

I’m lucky to have a pond in my back yard, so I took a heap of photos of the fish swimming around (so that I could get the right pose). Here is the photo that I used (I’m sure that you can spot the little fish that became a stencil)
The Fish

I then went into photoshop to create a black and white version of the photo, and changed the levels so that I could clearly see the light differences. From there I hand drew and cut each layer. Where the image is lighter, less layers of paper are used, and where it is darker, there are more.
Fish Light Stencil

Here are the final layers of cut paper
IMG_9713 small

The layers aligned with light behind
IMG_9717 small

From there each layer was painstakingly glued together, so that they wouldn’t shift in any way, and then used as a light stencil.

How to create a light stencil can be found here

Through Dark Waters
Through Dark Waters

Night Awakens

By now you must all be realising that I have a `thing’ for paper cranes.

I cant even go for a walk without seeing paper crane shapes in the blades of grass.

This photo started as a pencil drawing, in which I wanted to draw what I see.

The grass consists of multiple layers of cut black paper, with a light painted sky and moon, and light stencil cranes.

ISO100, F9.0, 245 sec exposure.

Night Awakens:
Night Awakens

In awe of what’s in front of me

The last paper boat stencil pic for the next while, I promise.

This was created indoors, composed entirely of `light tricks’.

Can anyone guess how it was created?

If you want to see some truly amazing `light realms’ I totally recommend that you have a look at the work of Gareth Nathan, which can be found here

In awe of what’s in front of me:
In awe of what's in front of me

To the Moon and Back

We recently adopted a cat called Baxter from the RSPCA. The little guy had been through so much. Hit by a car in July, and was brought into the RSPCA with a fractured hip, blocked bladder and partially blind in one eye. A month later they had to operate on his hip, and remove the ball in the hip joint, in which fibrous tissue now grows to hold everything in place. Despite all that he went through, he remains the cutest little guy, who has such a determined spirit. His injuries certainly don’t hold him back, and despite us being told that he would now only be a house cat, he has surprised us all by being an outside cat, who loves running around, climbing and jumping. He really inspires me to just get on with it, and enjoy the journey for each moment.

Hand drawn in white pastel pencil, which was then light painted, and a torch then shone into the camera to create bokeh and flare effect.

To the Moon and Back:
To the Moon and Back